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Tigers Homer Four Times off Blackburn, Clinch Weekend Series Over Twins

The tailspin continues.

Already down 3-2 in the third and having given up a pair of home runs already, when Magglio Ordonez jacked another one to make it 4-2, all Nick Blackburn could do was shake his head.  The look on his face was clear:  That just figures.

After another home run in the fifth, this time a three-run shot, Brian Duensing replaced Blackburn.  Michael Cuddyer would tack on his ninth home run of the season, but it's as close as the Twins would get the rest of the way.

Gardy knows the rotation is in shambles right now.  But he also knows you can't just wave a magic wand and replace three pitchers overnight

"We have to do a better job with our rotation; it's just not working out right now .. And it's a number of them -- it's not just one guy. There's two or three or four who are scuffling right now. You're not going to win many ballgames when you're behind all the time ... We've got three or four guys [struggling] -- we don't have four other pitchers, so we're just going to have to look at it after the break and see what happens ... We'll have to wait and see, talk to the general manager. I know we're going home to face the White Sox after the break; Blackie's pitched very well against those guys, so we'll have to weigh all of our options."

Those quotes say a lot of very telling things.  They say Gardy knows his rotation is in shambles, and that he wants to make changes.  They say Gardy would like a few more options.  And they say that Gardy knows that changes take time, and that he's not necessariy the one who can facilitate those changes.

Right now the entire team, with the exception of Orlando Hudson, Delmon Young, Carl Pavano and maybe one or two other guys, is playing terribly.  Something has to give, and it will in the next few days.  All we need right now, though, is for this club to win a game.  Just one.

Win today's game, and then we can worry about tomorrow.