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All-Star Monday Breakfast and Baseball: Futures Game, Mauer's shoulder, and more


It's Monday of the All-Star Game! If you can tolerate the boredom-fest that the Home Run Derby has become, that's tonight; otherwise, here's your news for the day.

U.S. overpowers World in Futures Game | News
Our boys did okay. Anthony Slama gave up three hits in an inning but got out of the jam without allowing a run. His inning (the eighth): single, 1-6-3 double play, single, single, strikeout swinging. Attaboy, Anthony! Ben Revere was 0-3 (grounder to third, fly to center, grounder to first).

Sticking with Blackburn |
Joe C.'s vidcast has a bunch of news, including: Nick Blackburn will start next Sunday against the Whiteys, and there's some chance that Kyle Waldrop or Anthony Slama could come up to the big club in exchange for Brian Duensing going down to start stretching himself out as a starter again.

The 2010 TwinsCentric Trade Deadline Primer
The TwinsCentric guys have put together their now-annual Trade Deadline Primer. Nick Nelson gives an overview of this year's offering.

Mauer's 'just a little beat up,' so quit asking already |
Joe Mauer's getting a little curt when asked about his aching shoulder. (The rest of us get curt when we see his average falling below .300.) Also, Gardy would rather wrap Mauer in bubble wrap for four days instead of sending him to Anaheim, but you could guess that.

Twins Geek: Cliff Lee Fallout: So What Happened? And Now What?
John Bonnes can't figure out how the Twins got "outbid" for Cliff Lee.