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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump Spangles Stars on Your Banner


  • ITEM!  You don't need me to tell you how brutal the ending to last night's game was, so I'll simply throw out a talker: do the Twins need to upgrade their bullpen, or are you willing to accept that last night was just one of those nights?  That is two blown saves in a row for the Tattooed One, and four blown saves in 21 opportunities.  That translates into eight or nine for the season at his current rate.  (By comparison, Nathan blew five saves in 2009 and six in 2008.)  Can you live with that?  If not, what are the Twins' options?
  • ITEM!  Joe C. notes that with Matt Tolbert's injured throwing hand, it's more likely that he, not Danny Valencia, will be the one moved when J.J. Hardy FINALLY returns on Saturday.
  • ITEM! The Comely Missus Stu and I attended Tuesday night's game.  We had SRO tickets and found an excellent spot (thank you, Michael) right above the batter's eye in center field.  It's pretty much the same angle as the FSN camera gives you on television, and there's a concession stand right behind you.  Rumors that I yelled "Do it for Bieber!" immediately before Justin Bieber Wolfpack member Justin Morneau's RBI single are true, and you're welcome.
  • ITEM! Cliff Lee Update: he is still a Seattle Mariner. Lest you think Twins fans are the only ones breaking down the trade scenarios and debating what a fair price is to rent Lee for the rest of the season, Sam Page at SB Nation's Amazin' Avenue lays out what the Mets should and shouldn't do in exhaustive detail.
  • ITEM! As of this morning, your new manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks is 1987 ALCS relative non-factor Kirk Gibson.
  • CONTENT UNRELATED: some old dude was seen throwing footballs to high school kids in Mississippi this week.  We've been unable to confirm if the man in question was "just having fun" or "like a kid out there."