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Trade Deadline Week: Twins Trade Rumors in 2010


(Thanks to for the image of these dogs "airing their business")

Actually...have there been any rumors?

Since the Cliff Lee debacle, the Minnesota Twins have been awfully quiet in regards to the upcoming non-waiver trade deadline.  This isn't much of a surprise.  When Terry Ryan was the General Manager of this organization he played things very close to the vest and we heard very little about so much as something as trivial as trade speculation.  It was pretty quiet.

Under Bill Smith, we hear even less.

I'm definitely not opposed to this policy.  The Twins have their own unique brand, and that brand is business.  And as any good Minnesotan knows, you don't air your business in public.  Unless you're a dog.  But that's a different kind of business.

We'll scrounge up any rumors and put them in one place, right after the jump.

Full disclosure:  there just isn't that much.  But this is about rumors, so let's see them...

  • On Wednesday, Tom Pelissero tweeted that a Cubs scout was at Target Field.  Like he said, it doesn't mean anything, but in this parched environment we'll take it.  Was the scout there for the Twins, or the Indians?  Or was it just due dilligence?  Maybe the Twins are working on a deal based around Michael Cuddyer and Aramis Ramirez?  Okay, that's a little off-the-deep-end...
  • The Twins were one of a handful of teams with scouts in Kansas City earlier this week, when the Royals hosted the Blue Jays.  Both the Jays and the Royals have at least one bullpen arm of interest, but could the Twins also be scouting Jose Bautista?  With these two teams playing the scouting possibilities are endless:  Scott Downs, Jason Frasor, Edwin Encarnacion, John Buck, Alberto Callaspo...Joakim Soria?  No?  Deep end again?  Okay.
  • Ted Lilly's name has come up a lot, but only in the same vein as Ben Sheets:  "[Insert pitcher name here] could be a potential target for the Twins."  Which really means jack.  Put any pitcher's name down, and yeah, if they're any good at all they COULD be a potential target for the Twins.
  • MLB Trade Rumors recently put together lists of players who could be available at each position.  For Twins-related speculation, check out the lists for starters, relievers and third base.
  • Wilson Ramos, Aaron Hicks and Kevin Slowey were tied to the Cliff Lee rumors, but in the silence since haven't been brought up by anybody.
  • Finally, the one bit of information we do have is this:  that the Twins have some payroll flexibility to add a player in the right situation.  This is great news.  Now we just need a name to speculate on.

That's it for now.  See you tonight for the game!