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Twins 5, Orioles 0: Pavano Shuts Out Orioles, Grooms 'Stache

The 'stache it was stoic
in the warm B'more night,
just as heroic
(in Twins fans delight)
as the pitcher to whom the hairs belonged:
Changeup, fastball, changeup, sit down.

In between innings
Carl took out his broom,
stroked it through the 'stache.
shouted an excited Tony Slama,
who just struck out your mama.

Frame by frame, zero by zero,
no bird could deliver a blow.
Inning by inning, blow by blow,
Pavstache got off the bench in the dugout:  "Let's go."

One of baseball's best stories,
some kid named Delmon Young,
continued to drive all things spherical.
Leading offensive categories,
this time Kevin was stung,
but eventualy Wiggy got physical.

Hardy was out,
picked off first base no doubt,
but the umpire blew the call.
It's the refrain of 2010:
"Blue blew it again",
but at least the game wasn't changed at all.

The bottom is just this:
Twins win, Pavano bliss.
Complete game shutout, hooray!
With the 'stache on fire
(not really on fire)
we're all ensured a good Friday.