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Saturday Morning Baseball & Breakfast: Mauer, Butera's Catching, and Oswalt Rumors



  • If you haven't heard about what is known around here as "The Bunt" you either have lived under a rock for the past week, don't like baseball, or you just truly don't care. Either way I'm going to talk more about it. So, SB Nation if you were Joe Mauer would you have bunted? I sat here and thought to myself "By golly, W.W.B.J.D?" (what would baby jesus do?). Yes, Joe Mauer has a .375 avg against  Rafael Perez but he also knows he's been hitting into a gaggle ton of double plays as of late. He was thinking about the team because he isn't sure of himself. So in his mind he thinks if he puts down the bunt he'd have bases loaded for Kubel who has a .400 avg against  Rafael Perez. His logic was sound but I think people are more worried about his mental state because the '09 Joe Mauer would of smacked a line drive over the pitcher's head to teach him a lesson. You do not mess with the 'Lawn Mauer'.
  • Random Fact of the Day: Drew Butera is a good catcher. Carl Pavano is 2-2 with a 3.13 ERA when Drew Butera is behind the plate.  I'd like to see him catch Kevin Slowey. It seems like Kevin Slowey and Joe Mauer are having issues agreeing on pitches. I think they just need to hug it out and share some Kemps ice cream together. 
  • It seems like the Twins haven't even contacted the Astros about Roy Oswalt, says Ken Rosenthal on his Twitter 
  • What do you think is worse? The Security at Camden Yards or Citizens Bank Park? Would you rather want asthmatic puff pastry filled security guards attempting to 'wrangle' a drunken male whilst the players just watch and laugh, or see security guards with the thirst of sending 2000 volts through a drunken idiots body run them down and teach them a lesson? Either way, still highly entertaining.