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Monday Breakfast & Baseball: Hudson headed to DL, plus trade rumors

Here's your Monday morning Twins news:

Hudson goes on DL for a second time |
Orlando Hudson is headed to the DL with an oblique muscle strain. His replacement is Jose Morales, who will fill the important role of making Gardy feel warm and fuzzy about having three catchers on the roster. With Drew Butera now playing every fifth day, it's nice to know that the Twins still have a catcher who never plays.

Twins Rumors @
Rather than linking you to each individual post, just check out the Twins' team page at MLBTR. Minnesota could be in on Scott Downs, Tom Gorzelanny, or Ted Lilly, though the latter is believed to have a no-trade clause that includes the Twins.

Tom Powers: Minnesota Twins dawdle as trade deadline nears
This Pioneer Press column is mostly entertaining because I think I may disagree with every single thing in it.

Ozzie has no regrets regarding Thome
Ozzie Guillen loves Jim Thome, but doesn't regret getting rid of him. Ozzie remains great value for your entertainment dollar, too.

Twins Notes |
Gleeman's weekly notes, containing all the BABIP-y goodness you'd expect.