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Twins Trade Rumors Roundup, Thursday

Could Matt Capps be a Twin by Saturday?
Could Matt Capps be a Twin by Saturday?

I know that not much happens around this time of year, generally.  Hell, it was six years between Shannon Stewart and Orlado Cabrera-Carl Pavano-Jon Rauch.  But you never know, and that's why I love speculation...

  • Ted Lilly has the Minnesota Twins on his no-trade list.  Just like everyone else, for some bizarre reason, because apparently they don't like playing in new ballparks on a team full of young talent...but I digress.  This hasn't stopped the Twins front office from not just inquiring on Lilly, but apparently pressing the issue (at least a little bit), judging from what came out yesterday afternoon.
  • My offer for Ted Lilly.
  • Last night, Jon Paul Morosi reported that the Twins had assigned a scout to watch Toronto's relievers.  That's not just due dilligence.  A scout has been assigned.  Which is interesting.  Obviously the two main targets here are Scott Downs and Jason Frasor.  Frasor looks like he'd be easier to acquire, since the Blue Jays are currently asking for a "top prospect" in return for Downs.
  • This backs up a Tom Pelissero (of ESPN Twin Cities) report from Monday that said the Twins were closing in on a deal with the Jays.
  • Tim Kurkjian reported on Tuesday that the Twins had interest in Nationals' closer Matt Capps.  It's been quiet on that front ever since.
  • Another one from ESPN Twin Cities, this one from one of my favorites, Phil Mackey.  He lists and discusses what he believes to be Minnesota's top three priorities heading into the deadline:  reliever, starter, right-handed bat off the bench.  He makes some compelling points, particularly about Capps and Rauch.  He also lists Kevin Gregg and Javier Lopez as potential bullpen targets, both of whom I've heard little about.  All I know is that I definitely don't want Gregg; I haven't looked into Lopez.
  • Finally, in a sort-of-but-not-really related piece of news, it sounds like the Astros and Phillies are waiting for Roy Oswalt to approve a deal to Philadelphia.

If anything comes up during the day, you can be sure we'll be talking about it here.