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Saturday Morning Baseball & Breakfast: Trade Deadline Edition

I'm not anticipating too much on the Twins front today, but you never know. Here's what we have from overnight.

  • Apparently the Twins are still talking to the Astros about Brett Myers who, according to Jon Morosi, is more available than previously reported (cue "OH I BET WE GIVE UP KYLE GIBSON AND MIGUEL SANO FOR BRETT MYERS" reactions). Myers isn't doing too much differently this year, but what's making this the best season of his career is his ability to keep the ball in the park. This is due in no small part to both of his breaking balls, which have both been well above average. He's been going to his slider a lot more often as well.
  • Myers is under contract for $3.1 million this season, which means any team picking him up will be repsonsible for something a bit more than $1 million. There's also a mutual option for 2011 that carries a $2 million buyout. That, or pay an extra $6 million on top of that $2 million to keep him around for '11. No, thanks.
  • I'd think that anything more than a mid-level prospect for Myers (and $2 million to buy out his option for next year) would be too much. But that's coming from a guy who doesn't really want him in a Twins uniform anyway.
  • THIS JUST IN: Tweeted from Ken Rosenthal, apparently the Twins aren't pushing too hard for Myers. His words: "not that motivated."
  • Chad Qualls has gone to Tampa Bay. That's not a bad pickup, especially at the price of a PTBNL.
  • We haven't heard Ted Lilly's name come up in regards to the Twins in the last 24 hours. Apparently the Cubs and Dodgers are hashing this one out.
  • For me, right now the most attainable need of this club is offensive help off the bench. Ty Wigginton strikes me as a very gettable option.
  • SI's Jon Heyman tweets his predictions for Trade Deadline Day. Not surprisingly, the Twins aren't involved.