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Congrats to Joe Mauer and Justin get out there and vote Delmon!

Or:  The one in which Delmon Young gets pimp'd.

Joe Mauer led all of baseball in votes for the All-Star game.  He's the best catcher in Major League Baseball.  He deserves this.

Justin Morneau is in the middle of what could be his career season to date.  He's on pace to win his second MVP award in five seasons...or at least, he's on pace to be a big part of the discussion.  He deserves this too, even if he deserves it slathered in maple syrup.

And then there was Delmon Young.  The man of unmet expectations and they guy that took Bartlett and Garza away from you.  The man who, apparently not quite as under-the-radar as we thought, is putting together the best season of his career:  walking more, striking out less, weighing a LOT less and hitting a LOT more.  The man who has only had four games where he hasn't reached base since June 1.  The man who might lead this team in runs batted in at season's end.

Young has become a fan favorite, and the guy you pump your emotional fist for every time he comes up with yet another big hit.  In an offense loaded with talented hitters, he's not a forgotten man.

But does he belong in the All-Star game?  You could make a case for him, but probably not.  There are a lot of players who were snubbed this season who deserve roster spots, just like there are every year.  As great of a season as Delmon is having for the Twins, I'm not sure he makes that list of snubs.  Francisco Liriano does.  Hell, even Carl Pavano's mustache deserves a mention.

In spite of that, though, there is one simple, black-and-white fact that we cannot ignore:  Delmon Young is on the ballot.

On the short-list of players who the public can vote for, our Delmon is listed.  So you know what?  Forget about your Paul Konerko, because he plays for Chicago.  And you can definitely forget about your Nick Swisher, because he's a friggin' Yankee.  I have nothing against Kevin Youkilis or his facial hair or his batting stance, and I definitely have nothing against Michael Young and his steady career of goodness.  But none of them are members of the Minnesota Twins.

So when you log on to cast your vote, remember that this doesn't have to be about "who deserves it more", because the road to the All-Star game is littered with guys who deserved it.  And as far as I can tell, all five of the guys on this list were beat out in the initial public vote by players who have merits of their own.  This can be a vote for the Twins, and a vote of confidence for the guy who the sports world (and let's be honest, plenty of the Minnesota sports world) had given up on at the ripe old age of 24.

Get out there and vote Delmon.  Because he's ours.