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Vote: Mr. Baseball VS Mr. 3000

Oh yeah. The vote that will make you cringe.

Mr. Baseball (1992) - The old "fish out of water" plotline sees Tom Selleck and his mustache traded to the Japanese baseball league...where, naturally, he's super tall and has trouble adjusting to society. Customs be damned, baseball is all about 'Merkuh! Selleck (possibly because of his mustache) falls in love with a beautiful local, and his attitudes begin to change. Eventually he (but not his mustache, which begins a torrid affair with Magnum PI) sees the light, and all is right in the world baseball. And mustache love.

Mr. 3000 (2004) - Bernie Mac was a superstar hitter who, once he reached the milestone of 3000 hits, called it quits. But years later, due to a statistical error, it's discovered that he's actually three hits shy of that elusive hit club, and if he wants a shot at the Hall of Fame guessed it...has to go back to the game he's now too old to play! In an new era and a lot older, can the club doorman from Mo' Money overcome time and age?