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Wednesday Morning Breakfast & Baseball: Your Slightly Tetchy News Update

I'm in a slightly Wednesday frame of mind, if you follow me, and so here's your news roundup for this morning. Please excuse me.

The Cliff Lee Rumor Mill |
Cliff Lee may be traded for any combination of about ten different Twins prospects, the deal's done or it isn't, blah, blah, I'm sick of this. The deal will probably get done, because everyone seems to believe this is a special season and Joe Mauer will never be quite so handsome again, or something like that. The Twins will trade Wilson Ramos plus either a great prospect or a flaming pu-pu platter consisting of forty-seven copies of Trevor Plouffe. Some will complain the Twins paid too much for a two-month rental. They will be right, and will only shut up should the Twins win the World Series.

Or heck, maybe the deal WON'T get done, and Lee will end up with the Yankees or Rays or somewhere else, and we can all go back to moaning about how the team won't spend, and pointing out that Ramos can't hit Triple-A pitching and Ben Revere can't hit the ball more than a hundred feet from the catcher and Aaron Hicks swings and misses two out of three times he swings the bat. Something along those lines.

Twins notes |
Joe C. in Toronto notes, among the usual must-read items, that Delmon Young is in last place in the Final Vote for the last All-Star spot. This is surprising to exactly no one, considering the four other players (whom I shall call Youkiliswishyoungonerko) are all better known than Delmon, play in bigger markets, and are virtually guaranteed to finish ahead of Young no matter how many times Dick and Bert mention the vote. (Unless Delmon garners the heretofore-unsuspected bat-throwing vote that may be out there.)

And that's more or less it, really. Let us all bask in the glory of a Twins win, rather than worrying about the same news we've been worrying about for weeks. Positivity! The team can win without Cliff Lee! The Pavstache will lead us to victory! Joe Mauer really is only getting handsomer!