Will J.J. Hardy be non-tendered?

Mlbtraderumors just put up a list of players going to arbitration in the off-season. They're separated into two categories: Expected to be tendered contracts AND Non-tender candidates. Kubel and Capps are in the first list. Clay Condrey is rightfully in the second list. As is J.J. Hardy, with the second highest salary, behind the guy with the super-douchey facial hair, Mr. Jenks.

I think they're right about Kubel, Capps, and Condrey. But I have no idea what the Twins will do with Hardy. Plouffe has looked good when he's been up, like he can hold his own. Hardy seems to be the obvious better defender and, with power coming for Plouffe, they look like similar hitters, assuming J.J. can stay healthy and Plouffe can translate his AAA numbers to the bigs. I like Hardy; I think, when he's on the field, he's a good second-tier shortstop, with All-Star potential. But is he worth 5+ million more than Plouffe?

And, because I think someone might mention it, their is always the option of playing the infuriatingly inconsistent Alexi Casilla at shortstop.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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