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Monday Breakfast & Baseball: No News is Good News?

Now that the trade deadline is past, it's a little less exciting in these news roundups. Here's what we've got for you today:

Twins Notes -
Justin Morneau canceled his public BP session so that he could hit in private, and won't travel with the team. And there's news on Joe Mauer (could he DH?) and Orlando Hudson (could he travel?) as well.

Hey, Twins: Time to step up and play with the AL East |
Jim Souhan, controversially, thinks the Twins should attempt to beat the Rays this week. We wait on pins and needles to see whether the Twins will adopt such a goofy, untested strategy.

Notes | News
It's your usual pile of notes from the Twins official site. Noteable for quotes from Gardy on both Morneau and Matt Tolbert, including one with which we can play Spot The Grammatical Error.

Guillen: Asian players treated much better than Latinos | HardballTalk
Ozzie Guillen... makes sense? What the heck is going on?