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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump/Free Association Showcase Showdown

  • White Sox fans should be encouraged. Not only did they rout the Twins on Thursday night, but they won the total runs battle in the 3-game series by a score of 23-14. By the WCHA rules of the late-'70s, this means the Whities advance to play Colorado College next weekend. We wish them well.
  • I look forward to when Paul Konerko finishes his career with the Minnesota Twins. There is no doubt in my mind that this is happening.
  • If it's Friday morning, that means Nick Punto is hurt again and the Twins may need to make a roster move. Best guess is Matt Tolbert (ugh) or Jose Morales (alright, I guess), but given the three consecutive short starts, maybe a pitcher makes more sense?
  • Speaking of pitching, the ever-curmudgeonly Patrick Reusse correctly notes that it's not the back end of the rotation that's been scuffling of late.
  • Over the Parker takes a look at Joe Mauer's second-half surge. Stats-y, and well worth your time.
  • If you follow Joe Posnanski on Twitter, you know he was in Minnesota for the White Sox series for a story on Jim Thome. It hasn't posted yet, but click here when it does. I just assume, given the writer and subject, that it will be tremendous.
  • Speaking of the Twitter, Sun-Times White Sox guy Joe Cowley engaged in some epic Twins fan/Minnesota-trolling on Tuesday night. I actually found it funny, but can see why some would be offended. It probably helps that this Minnesota native definitely outkicked his coverage, marriage-wise.
  • Finally, I really enjoyed this New York Times bit on former Twin R.A. Dickey. A shame that he couldn't have found this groove last year.