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HOT HAIL FROM EMPEROR DUENSING! Twins Cruise, Beat Angels 7-2

(The headline is a reference to the horrible 1980 movie Flash. You can view Queen's theme song here. It might be Jon Marthaler's favorite movie and song.)

You know, I'm beginning to think this Duensing kid might work out.

In his previous start, Brian Duensing gave the Twins bullpen some much-needed relief, throwing a complete game shutout. In this start, Brian Duensing gave the Twins bullpen some much-needed relief, throwing 8 innings and giving up just one run, as the Twins defeated the Angels, 7-2. The White Sox were rained out in Kansas City (doubleheader slated for tomorrow), so Minnesota goes to bed up 4.5 games in the Central.

After jumping to an early 1-0 lead, the Twins broke the game open in the 4th. Angels starter Dan Haren (now 1-4 with LAofA) intentionally walked Joe Mauer to put two men on and bring Jason Kubel to the plate with two out. Kubel summarily crushed a pitch to right field and put Minnesota up 4-0.

The Angels followed that up with some delightful outfield misadventures in the 5th. Jim Thome led the inning off with a triple. This cosmic mistake was enabled by some apparent confusion between Juan Rivera and Peter Bourjos, as the ball kicked off Rivera's glove and allowed Thome to notch his second triple of the year, which is the weirdest Twins stat of the year outside of Drew Butera's two home runs and/or John Gordon correctly identifying a baserunner thrice in one inning. Delmon Young followed that up with a single to score Thome, then Danny Valencia hit a towering pop fly that Rivera lost in Target Field's non-existent roof. The Twins would stretch their lead to 7-1, and that was that.

The reason? Brian Duensing. One run, eight innings, no walks, five Ks, 103 pitches, little drama. After a series where they needed their bats and their bullpen to succeed, it was a welcome break.


  • Brian Duensing. One more performance like this, and I'm going to demand that Twinkie Town's new shop has its own Duensing wing. Shot glasses, key chains, stuffed animals, LET'S DO THIS, JESSE.
  • Jason Kubel. 2-4, HR, 3 RBI. He's having a good August.
  • Torii Hunter. Upon seeing Target Field for the first time: "This is better than Yankee Stadium." Goddamn right.


  • The humidity. I'm ready for autumn.

Game's at 3:00 Saturday. Dick Bremer's on NATIONAL TELEVISION. If Kevin Slowey pitches two hitless innings, that guy from KFAN is going to award him a no-hitter and kiss him on the mouth. Enjoy your weekend, everybody.