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It's Contest Day!

For anyone who missed the introduction,
be sure to read everything here.

Today's the day! It's your opportunity to put your best writing-foot forward (really, don't we all have opposable toes to write with?) and submit a FanPost that could win you the commemorative artwork you see to your right, which celebrates 50 years of the Minnesota Twins.

Each print retails for $30.00 and measures 18" x 22", and is printed on fine art paper. It features the greatest players in Twins history along with an image of Target Field from Opening Day with the Amerian flag across the outfield and F-16s flying overhead. Who can you thank for providing us with such a special piece of work? Local artist Karl Jaeger.

For more on the print, you can visit or Twins Baseball.

So get out those creative writing caps and submit! Remember: only one FanPost per user, and you have until 11pm central tonight to submit. Tomorrow morning we'll have a list of three finalists for you to vote on.

Good luck!