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Competition 1: Final Vote!

We didn't have as many submissions yesterday as I thought we'd have, but that's okay: it just means that those of you who did take the time to put yourself out there had a much greater chance of going through to the final vote.

Thanks to the five of you who did submit work, all of you did well. I'm particularly impressed because most of you aren't regular authors (even though some of you are very regular members of our community). With that, our three finalists:

  1. BREAKING NEWS! Twins Claim Manny Ramirez On Waivers! by what_would_gil_thorp_do
  2. The Life and Times of a Lifetime Displaced Minnesota Twins Fan by Moojenowski
  3. Baseball Reality Games Before Electronic Games by Odin

A personal high-five to yefrem and Gotty033 for their submissions, and a "Dude, bummer you missed the deadline" to holymackerel.

Once agian, this is for commemorative artwork which celebrates 50 years of Twins baseball, by local artist Karl Jaeger. Visit for more, or head over to Twins Baseball.

Be sure to check out all of our FanPosts, but read all three of our finalists' submissions before voting. Polls close at 11pm, so tell family and friends!