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Monday Breakfast & Baseball: Notes, Notes, And More Notes

The Twins are off today before starting a three-game series with Detroit tomorrow night, but there's certainly plenty of notes out there this morning. Notes columns, as far as the eye can see!

Teams just couldn't agree on Lee -
La Velle's notes column discusses how the Twins and Mariners couldn't work out a Cliff Lee deal, plus reminds us all how Delmon Young's awful defense helped cost the Twins yet again on Sunday. And there's more beyond that, as always.

Twins Notes -
Gleeman's weekly notes column touches on Jim Thome, Brian Fuentes, Jason Kubel, Pat Neshek, Wilson Ramos... and closes with a vomit-inducing stat about Denard Span.

Team-first mentality key in Twins' clubhouse -
According to the official site, the team does its homework about whether a guy will fit into the clubhouse, before they go get him. I'm not sure if this means "make sure he's a good guy," or "make sure he's not in to Satanic pre-game rituals involving live sacrifices of any kind," but they apparently put in the time.

Morneau's return is the key to it all -
La Velle thinks that whether Justin Morneau returns could be the key to the Twins' season. The Sox are getting Manny Ramirez, and though I'm loath to indulge in the game of "getting Morneau back would be like getting our own Manny, but defensively able and, you know, not a head case," it would be nice.

Twins alumni game: His concussion doesn't end the fun - St Cloud Times
Corey Koskie was in St. Cloud for the Twins Alumni game over the weekend, and the St. Cloud Times talked to him. I miss Corey Koskie. Plus: Bonus photo of Jim Eisenreich!