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Off Day Poll: Can They Do It?

I'm resurrecting something we did a couple of times last year. It's a simple question: will the Twins win the AL Central?

Last year, on July 27, 54% of respondents thought that this year was the year, and that the Twins should start making moves to try to get into contention.

On September 21, with the team three games out of first with 13 games to play, I asked again, more directly: would the Twins win the Central? 53% thought that they would, which still astonishes me a little. Even more astonishing, seven days later - with seven games to play and the Twins still two back, albeit with four left with Detroit - 64%, nearly two-thirds of voters, still thought the Twins would win the division.

Things look a little different this year. The Twins are six games up on Chicago, with 19 left to play. Local outlets have already started publishing their first division previews, and there is semi-serious discussion about whether the team could earn the best record in the American League.

Nonetheless, let's see how confident Twinkie Town readers really are. One question, yes or no: Is another pennant coming to Minneapolis?