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Vote: Field of Dreams VS Bull Durham

This is an unfair vote. It just is. Both are absolutely fantastic baseball classics, made before Kevin Costner started making more bad decisions than good ones. But who do you choose?

Oh, by the way, here's the introduction to what we're doing here. Below you'll see a brief synopsis of each film (for those of you who are unfamiliar), and after the jump you'll see the bracket now that we're into round #2.

Field of Dreams (1989, 3 Oscar nominations) - Kevin Costner's first appearance in the tournament is for this classic, wherein a novice farmer hears voices ("If you build it, he will come"), goes against all advice and builds a baseball field behind his house. He chases down Darth Vader James Earl Jones, Moonlight foregoes youth to step off the field and save Costner's daughter because he's a doctor but he's dead which is great because it makes sense, and of course the great revelation at the end is that one of the ghost players on the field is Costner's old man. Great message about hopes and overcoming regrets...if you want to look deeper than time travel, ghosts and JEJ's voice.

Bull Durham (1988, 1 Oscar nomination) - A year before FoD, Costner did another baseball movie. In this one, he was actually a baseball player: the proverbial Crash Davis, career minor leaguer. His job is to groom the big league team's Next-Big-Thing, Nuke LaLoosh (Tim Robbins). Davis is the gritty veteran who plays the game right and with respect, LaLoosh wants to announce his presence with authority ("RUN, MEAT!"). The drama comes in when the team groupie, who has an affair with one player each season, gets involved with both. I'd say that hilarity ensues, but it's not really funny. It's just really, really good.

Eliminated in the first round:

For Love of the Game
The Natural
Angels in the Outfield
Little Big League
The Fan
61 *
Mr. 3000

Bracket for Round 2:

New Classics Division

Field of Dreams
Bull Durham

Kids Division

Bad News Bears
The Sandlot


A League of Their Own
Eight Men Out


Major League
Mr. Baseball