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Series Preview: Twins VS White Sox

Tonight, the Twins have an opportunity to apply a little pressure to the heel they have placed over Chicago's neck. Entering play, Minnesota holds a six-game lead with just 19 games remaining.

It sounds like a lot. And honestly, it is. That's a huge lead to overcome in 19 games. Until you remember this:

Standings after play on September 13, 2009

Team W L GB
Detroit Tigers 76 66 --
Minnesota Twins 71 72 5.5

The Twins weren't even playing .500 ball, much less looking like a team that deserved to be in October, with 19 games remaining in 2009. Sure, the Twins are a better team that the Tigers last season (it's not close, really), but you know what? The White Sox are better this year than the Twins were last year, too.

If there's one fanbase that needs to remember something before spouting their mouths off about how it's over, it's ours. The Twins have made a habit out of playing spoiler late, and with the exception of 2008 Minnesota's come out on top of those late-season races over the last decade. If one team can do it, any team can. And so this...


...doesn't mean a damn thing.

As fun as it is to say it's over, there's nothing better than proving it actually is over, and that task starts tonight. In Chicago, in their house, the Twins have a golden opportunity to show every single White Sox fan and every single White Sox player why they aren't in first place and why Minnesota is. The Twins are the better team, and this week they have an opportunity to prove it in a hostile environment.

There's blood in the water, and it belongs to the Chicago White Sox. Let's finish this.