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50 Years of Twins Baseball: Contest 2 Winner!

50yearscontest_mediumI meant to do this yesterday.

Last Thursday we ran a Who Am I? contest, testing your Twins player historical knowledge. It turned out to be a pretty tight contest, with one question stumping everyone more than the rest. But it was Joe Mauer Power Hour that picked up on the Paul Maholm answer, and as a result is the winner of the print you see to your right.

For his research through years the Twins draft, JMPH comes away with Karl Jaeger's commemorative 50th anniversary print. Celebrating 50 years of Twins baseball, Jaeger's artwork features the greatest players in Twins history along with an image of Target Field from Opening Day with the Amerian flag across the outfield and F-16s flying overhead. It's 18" x 22", which is the perfect size to take down that picture of the 'rents or the wife or the kids and replace it with some Minnesota Twins art.

Thanks once again to Karl and to Aaron from Five Technology. If you want more info on Jaeger's artwork and what's available, stop by Art by ASI or Twins Baseball.

You'll have one more opportunity to win your own commemorative print. The generous Karl and Aaron have provided us with one more print to give away. They retail at $30.00, but that you can pick up for the price of just your participation. Thursday, October 7th is the next date, and we'll be running the Best FanPost competition one last time.

I'll post reminders before hand, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead. Get on it!