Strib: Fox, Delaney, Burnett Called Up


LaVelle has the all the details at the link. (UPDATE: TwinkieTown's minor league swami Roger13 gives us this on Fox in the comments: "...a young man who has overcome so much to get back to being a very good pitcher. His arm was abused coming out of college which eventually led to major shoulder surgery. This season Matt Fox has been Rochester’s most consistant and best starter (Ryan Mullins was equally good, however, missed much of the last couple months on the DL). Fox’s 3.95 ERA is fifteenth best in the AAA International League (14 teams). Matt last started on Monday, so he will be pitching on three days rest. With all the hoopla and travel, look for him to have a pitch count and lets hope for five solid innings. In his last start, Fox was the loser to Pawtuckett (2-1) in a game in which he pitched 6.0 innings with 4 hits, 2 runs (1 earned) and 2K/2BB. I mentioned yesterday that I thought Matt was someone the Twins should consider for the 40-man roster later this fall. Looks like that decision is done.")