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Twins Interested in Manny Ramirez?

From ESPN's Enrique Rojas.

I can't believe this. Not for one second. But you can follow the link yourself, and be sure to check out what Rojas says in his tweets. Follow his link: apparently five teams are interested in Manny, with the Angels, Rangers, Rays and Blue Jays placing some level of interest.

Everything I know about the Twins organization says this is wrong. I said it the other day, and it's still true: I'd rather not have Manny in Minnesota. I'd rather trust Luke Hughes as a bat off the bench. This isn't to say that Ramirez wouldn't make this team better in terms of talent, but in terms of chemistry and likeable characters, no way. Whatever intangibles he brings to the table, I don't think they're worth the potential trouble.

I say potential. But trouble seems to follow Ramirez everywhere.

Analysing this in terms of personnel, Ramirez obviously wouldn't be much of a fielding option. He'd likely compete all season long with Jason Kubel for plate appearances, no doubt getting most of the starts against southpaws (1.062 career OPS) and probably righties if Kubel were to struggle.

Maybe this is just a tactic to get other interested parties to drive their price up a little bit? Seems silly, but at this point I'm just confused.