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Minnesota Twins Arbitration Totals for 2011

Well, the numbers are already coming in, so I should put this up while we still have time.

Player 2010 Salary 2011 Arb Status 2011 Arb Estimate 2011 Arb Actual Difference
Matt Capps $3.5 MM 3rd Year $6.5 MM $7.15 MM - $0.65 MM
Francisco Liriano $1.6 MM 2nd Year $4.5 MM
Glen Perkins Minimum 1st Year $800 K $700 K + $100 K
Kevin Slowey $470 K 1st Year $2.2 MM
Delmon Young $2.6 MM 2nd Year $5.5 MM

I'll update these as the numbers come in, although due to the time difference I may have to finish up in the morning.

How do these numbers look to you? Are the estimates fair, too high or too low? And what about the actual arbitration totals--any surprises?