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Pavano, Twins Close to Deal

(Apologies for the late post this AM, major computer issues.)

The major news in Twins Territory is that there finally appears to be a resolution to the Carl Pavano situation, with everyone and their mother reporting the 'stache and the Twins on the verge of signing a 2-year deal. Reaction has been mixed. Parker Hageman (as noted already by cmathewson) has a typically solid breakdown of what lies ahead for Pavano, with the expectation that he won't regress too much. Nick Nelson worries about how much this will cost the Twins, and if that money isn't better spent elsewhere, especially if Pavano does fall off. Since they're both part of the Twinscentric crew, I assume this matter will be resolved with knives and brute force, as per their thuggish standards.

Me? I'm just happy that I potentially have two more years of Pavstache/Butera adventures to catalog.


In case you missed it, TwinsFest is sold out, because no price is too great to go to Blaine in the winter. I imagine your Craigslists and your eBays and your AmericanOnlines might have them for resale if you're that focused on getting Matt Capps' autograph.

Will be back later today if the Pavano deal gets finalized or any other breaking Twins news, um, breaks.