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Division Series Saturday Playoff Game Thread

My brother is getting hitched today, which is why I'm currently in Fargo. It's been a long week, and a great week. So, while I'm out today, here's hoping you enjoy some baseball! Today kicks off the NLDS, and the late game picks up the Yankees and Tigers where they left off last night.

Here's today's schedule.

Game 1, 1:07pm CDT

Arizona Diamondbacks (94-68) at Milwaukee Brewers (96-66)

If there's one thing that's clear this season, it's that a vast majority of these clubs have really good starting pitching. I know the Cards are starting Kyle Lohse today, which is kind of odd, and the Rays started a guy who had made just one career MLB start yesterday, but as far as I'm concerned it's the Yankees with the weakest rotation in the post-season. But they're still better than the Twins. But I'm not getting into that today. Anyway - this game features Ian Kennedy and Yovani Gallardo. My prediction is that the Brewers take game one, and take the series in four games.

Game 2, 4:00pm CDT

St. Louis Cardinals (90-72) at Philadelphia Phillies (102-60)

How many people think that the Phillies aren't going to the World Series? I know the Diamondbacks are a good team, that the Brewers have a lot of offense, and that the Cards have Albert Pujols, but unless the Philles fall apart they have to be the odds-on favorite to get to represent the NL in the World Series, right? Right? Phillies in four, starting tonight when Lohse squares off against Roy Halladay.

Game 3, 7:30pm CDT

Tigers and Yanks pick up where they left off last night, at 1-1 heading into the bottom of the second inning. This could throw a wrench into it for somebody, but I'm still picking the Tigers to win th series. Did I say in four yesterday? Because today I'm thinking in four.