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ALCS / NLCS Open Thread

Both League Championship Series are happening today, after yesterday's ALCS Game 2 was postponed due to a complete lack of weather.

ALCS: Tigers at Rangers, Game 2, 3:19pm

Texas probably benefits most from yesterday's rainout; they get to spend the day at home, rather than loafing around in a hotel room on the road, and they get reliver Alexi Ogando back. Ogando pitched two innings in Game 1 and wouldn't have been available on Sunday, but will be ready to go if needed this afternoon. On the other hand, the Tigers get another day to rest up, including Delmon Young, who'll play after initially being left off the ALCS roster. The teams will fly to Detroit and play Game 3 tomorrow, so no travel day there - weather (or lack thereof) permitting, of course. Max Scherzer pitches for Detroit, Derek Holland for the Rangers.

NLCS: Cardinals at Brewers, Game 2, 7:05pm

The Brewers seem unstoppable right now. They are from Wisconsin and thus I loathe them - not the team, specifically, but the fact that people from Wisconsin get to sit back with smug Spaulding Smails smiles on their faces and watch all of their teams do well at everything. How's your NHL team doing, guys OH WAIT YOU DON'T HAVE ONE BECAUSE... BECAUSE, UM (runs off sobbing)

Shawn Marcum pitches for Milwaukee; for St. Louis, it'll be Edwin Jackson.