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How to Know If You're Crazy

Boom [redacted]
Boom [redacted]

(UPDATE: Aaron Gleeman wrote much the same thing over at MinnPost, only longer, smarter and with numbers and stuff. Read that, too.)

Write, say, or think something along these lines: "All Delmon Young had to do was leave the Twins to succeed he's the best fire (Gardy/Vavra/Smith)!!!!"

He's having a nice run at the plate. He's a total liability in the outfield. He's exactly the player he was in Minnesota. He will regress. He is not David Ortiz. He is not J.J. Hardy. You KNOW this. You watched him play the last few seasons. You saw him tear things up for a one-week stretch, followed by a month of ineptitude at the plate. You saw the mystifying, tiptoe routes he would take on fly balls. He is what he is. Someone's going to overpay for him based on this run. Let them.

On that note: playoff baseball is the best, because something like Delmon Young being a huge factor can and will happen all the time. (And Nelson Cruz will turn into Reggie Jackson. And Justin Verlander will throw 190 pitches. And Phil Coke will get a 5-out save.)

We'll be back with a thread for this evening's NLCS game. Enjoy your day.