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Albert Pujols 16, Rangers 7: Pujols Ties World Series Record With Three Home Runs

For the first few innings this game was incredible. The Cardinals would score a few runs, then the Rangers would, and then they'd trade punches again. But the Cards tallied multi-run innings in four consecutive frames, and scored in every inning except the second and third. Even the Rangers couldn't match that pace.

Albert Pujols was the star of the night, undeniably. After grounding out in the top of the first, he began what would eventually be a route with a leadoff single in the fourth. That was a three-run inning, as was the fifth with he also led off with a single. But he was just warming up.

In spite of the Cardinals putting up seven runs between the fourth and fifth, the Rangers put up six, meaning they trailed 8-6 with plenty of game left to go. It looked like it would be a slug fest to the end. Pujols helped St. Louis keep up their end of that bargain.

Homer number one came in the top of the sixth. Alexi Ogando hasn't had a good series, and his third appearance didn't start any better when he walked Ryan Theriot and gave up a single to Rafael Furcal to kick off the inning. He did strike out Allen Craig, so it was nice that he finally won one of those battles. But then he was destroyed.

The official total on this Pujols homer was 430-some feet. But it looked like it went a lot further than that. It bounced off the facade just under the second deck in left field. Did I mention it was a three-run jackhammer? After the Rangers and their fans had retaliated against two multi-run innings in a row from the Cards with a pair of their own, it was like a dagger, leading to a four-run inning that left the score 12-6 when the third out was recorded.

Pujols blasted a two-run shot the very next inning. 14-6.

In the ninth, Pujols would homer yet again, putting us as our final score of 16-7. He was 5-for-6 with six RBI and 14....FOURTEEN total bases.

Congratulations to Pujols, who ties records held by Reggie Jackson (1977) and Babe Ruth (1926, 1928) for the most home runs hit in a World Series game, and who ties Paul Molitor (1982) for the most hits (five) in a World Series game.

It's been said that it's hard to envision the Rangers winning three of the next four to take home the World Series title. But last night was just one game. If the Rangers win tonight, the series is tied again and it's a whole new series. Nothing is written in stone yet.

Except that performance from one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game.