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Rangers 4, Cardinals 0: Derek Holland's Mustache Is Creepy

Derek Holland was impressive tonight. His mustache? Not so much. Mike Napoli jacked a massive home run to more or less put the game on ice, particularly with the way Holland was pitching. And when, with one out in the top of the ninth, Ron Washington lifted Holland for Neftali Feliz, Holland received a well-deserved standing ovation from the Rangers' faithful.

His mustache did not receive the ovation. Just so we're clear. Although nobody would blame Cardinals hitters for being a little creeped out by it, which may have been some advantage for Texas. The only guy who apparently wasn't phased was Lance Berkman, whose two hits were the only two hits St. Louis managed the entire evening.

That's all I've got tonight. Edwin Jackson wasn't awful but he clearly wasn't good enough, although he has Mitchell Boggs to thank for serving up that homer to Napoli with a pair of runners on base. But the did walk seven (yes, seven) while allowing just three hits. If he doesn't walk so many people, it's definitely a different ballgame.

See you in the morning, folks. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.