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It Was 20 Years Ago Today: Twins Win 1991 World Series

You'll find people who still refuse to believe that this was the greatest World Series ever. But, it was. Not just to the people in Minnesota, but baseball fans across the country. ESPN has it right:


Four games won in the final at-bat. Five by one run. Three extra-inning games. Kirby Puckett's game six and Jack Morris' game seven.

It's hard for me to sit here and write like I experienced the '91 World Series. I have, through the '91 box set and highlights and other people's stories...but I didn't see it live. I was eleven. The games had barely started and I was in bed.

But it's no lie that the '91 World Series had it all. Heroes on both sides. Mark Lemke, Lonnie Smith, John Smoltz, David Justice, Steve Avery, Tom Glavine, Terry Pendleton. Brian Harper, Kevin Tapani, Gene Larkin, Dan Gladden, Chuck Knoblauch, Kirby Puckett, Jack Morris.

For now I'll leave you with this.