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Strib: Twins Focus on Lefebvre to Replace Gordon

In the aftermath of an Instant Classic World Series game where all anyone wants to talk about is Joe Buck, it seems appropriate that the lead Twins story in today's Strib is about the club's search for John Gordon's replacement.

(MY TWO CENTS ON BUCK: I'm fine with him nicking his dad's famous Game 6 home run call. It's his dad. I'm not going to argue about it, because it was such an amazing game that what he said when David Freese permanently entered baseball lore is the 97th or 98th thing I care about from Thursday night. If you disagree, that's fine. You and me can hash it out over a beer or Four Loko sometime.)

As Joe Christensen notes, the Twins are eying former Twins broadcaster Ryan Lefebvre to partner with Dan Gladden for radio broadcasts. Lefebvre, who worked for the team in the mid-'90s, and who some of you may remember from the early days of KFAN with Jeff Dubay before Paul Allen came aboard, has been with the Kansas City Royals broadcast team since 1999.

A nice bit of trivia from Joe C. later in the story: Gladden came through San Francisco's system when Lefebvre's father, former major leaguer Jim, was the Giants' hitting coach.

So, since we seem to want to talk about the talkers today and not the hitters and pitchers, what say you? Do you have an opinion on Lefebvre? Would you prefer an in-house candidate like Kris Atteberry, or a wild card like my personal preference, Zombie Halsey Hall (I know a good necromancer, and I'll leave it at that)?