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Too Many Game 5s Game Thread

4:07 PM: Arizona @ Milwaukee

THE SKINNY: a relatively anonymous Diamondbacks squad has the chance to come all the way back from a 2-0 series deficit and stun the Brewers. I don't think they can do it without bringing back the hideous teal, purple and pinstripes from their expansion/World Series years. Ian Kennedy toes the rubber for Arizona against Milwaukee's Yovani Gallardo in a rematch of Game 1.

THE CALL: Carlos Gomez pimps a 6-pitch walk, gets punched by somebody.

7:37 PM: St. Louis @ Philadelphia

THE SKINNY: Roy Halladay vs. Chris Carpenter, loser goes home. Awesome for everyone except the loser and Blue Jays fans, I suppose.

THE CALL: The Cardinals upset the Phillies and move on. With Boston, New York and Philly out of the picture, Fox moves the World Series to FX and airs Glee reruns instead, just to be dicks.

Your predictions and/or best Nick Punto headfirst-sliding jokes go in the comments section. Enjoy your TV, everybody.