Brady's Almost Complete 2012 Roster

I was writing my rosterbation piece last Thursday, then I got a phone call and I had to leave. So, now that my life has calmed down a considerable degree, I am going to whip it out. My 2012 Minnesota Twins roster. One of my guys has already been signed. (Ryan Doumit). And one guy I was going to say I "wouldn't mind having" has already signed (Jamey Carroll). So, where does that leave us? Payroll wise? After the jump.

According to Cot's Baseball Contracts the Twins payroll stands at 66,500,000. This was posted before the Doumit contract. So, that puts us at 69,500,000. And with Jose Mirajres, Matt Tolbert, Kevin Slowey, Alexi Casilla, Glen Perkins, Fransisco Liriano, and Jason Repko all up for arbitration, the payroll could go up about 10 million or so. Which would put us at 79,500,00. Assuming all are tendered a contract. So, what do we do? Let's take a look at what we have. As far as players, including those who are arbitration eligible. As near as I can figure. So we can see what we have a glut and deficit of. To address proper needs.

Justin Morneau LHH

Trevor Plouffe RHH

Jason Repko RHH

Brian Duensing LHP

Tsuyoshi Nishioka SH

Joe Mauer LHH

Fransisco Liriano LHP

Glen Perkins LHP

Jamey Carroll RHH

Drew Butera RHH

Carl Pavano RHP

Jose Mirajes LHP

Alexi Casilla SH

Ryan Doumit SH

Nick Blackburn RHP

Alex Burnett RHP

Danny Valencia RHH

Denard Span LHH

Scott Baker RHP

Matt Tolbert SH

Ben Revere LHH

Kevin Slowey RHP

Let's start with the outfield. We have Span slated in center, Revere in left, and nobody in right. The logical conclusion would be to put Trevor Plouffe there. Trevor Plouffe is part of my outfield conclusion, but so is free agent, Josh Willingham. I sign Willingham to 3 year, $9MM a year contract. With Willingham, Span, and Plouffe starting in the outfield, and Revere as a fourth outfielder, we should be set. Repko is non-tendered.

The starting infield, as of right now, consists of Morneau at first, Casilla at second, Carroll at short, and Valencia at third. With both Nishioka and Tolbert just hanging out. Popular opinion is that both Nishioka and Tolbert need to go, but, I do think that Nishioka can be a useful player. I'd send him to Rochester, and get rid of Matt Tolbert. That will create room for Luke Hughes to come off the bench. We all know that Hughes can't really play shortstop, and that's fine. But both Carroll and Casilla are perfectly capable of playing shortstop.

Now, what do we do with the rotation? We have four right handed pitchers. And really, two of them seem to be worth their own weight. Carl Pavano will give you 200ish average innings. Scott Baker, though he has a bit of injury history, is a very competent pitcher. Low walk rates, and good K rates led Baker to a 3.14 ERA last year. Kevin Slowey and Nick Blackburn have both have over their careers shown flashes of brilliance, but not enough to where I'm comfortable with both of them on the roster. One of them needs to go. And we'll have a much easier time getting rid of Slowey over Blackburn. Pittsburgh, Colorado, and Toronto have all expressed an interest in him. Send him to whoever offers the best prospects. I am not an expert in either of those teams farm systems, so I don't know what to suggest.

As far as starting pitching, there are a few options. Cheap options. First is Scott Kazmir. With his 8.7 K/9 comes poor pitching since 2009. Also a bit of injury history since.

Former Twins draft pick, Paul Maholm is a free agent. But, he's been nothing more than just under average.

Mark Buerhle is available, but he hates us. And we hate him. But, to be fair, I also hated Joe Crede until 2009.

But, they are all left handers. And to be honest, there isn't a whole lot of options out there. At least not that would be any better than what we already have. I'm sticking in house, and giving that last spot to Liam Hendriks.

What about behind the dish? We have three catchers. Mauer, Butera, and Ryan Doumit. With Mauer obviously being the starting catcher, Butera being the backup, and Doumit being the emergency catcher. Doumit will do a lot of DHing.

Finally, the bullpen. Last year, the Twins bullpen consisted of Capps, Nathan, Slowey, Burnett, Perkins, Mirajes, and Dusty Hughes. The only holdovers are Perkins, Mirajes, and Burnett. I have also moved Brian Duensing to the bullpen. This only gives us one right hander. Obviously we need some more. The first thing I'd do is bring back The Shank. Two years, $4MM each. And for the other spot, I think it's time to give Kyle Waldrop a shot. With my last free agent signing, I'd be interested in giving Jonathon Broxton a shot. We could get him cheap, since he greatly needs to rebuild his own value, and has shown an ability to be lights out. I'm giving him a one year, $3MM contract.

And that puts us at about $91,450,000 after trading Slowey, signing Willingham, Rauch, and Broxton. And in addition to Liam Hendriks making league minimum. So, if payroll truly is $100 million, where does the rest of the money go? Did I give not enough to Willingham, Rauch, and Broxton? To much? Who do you put in that last spot?

Justin Morneau

Ryan Doumit

Luke Hughes

Nick Blackburn

Kyle Waldrop

Alexi Casilla

Drew Butera

Ben Revere

Liam Hendriks

Alex Burnett

Jamey Carroll

Trevor Plouffe

Fransisco Liriano

Glen Perkins

Jon Rauch

Danny Valencia

Denard Span

Scott Baker

Brian Duensing

Jonathon Broxton

Joe Mauer

Josh Willingham

Carl Pavano

Jose Mijares