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State of Play, Friday, November 25

First things first: buy Twinkie Town stuff. It's good for you and good for America.

Nothing much new out there this morning, so let's touch on some things that haven't been on the main page here yet:

  • The Ryan Doumit signing is all official-like, and Terry Ryan confirms that part of the attraction was the former's ability to play multiple positions, including DH. This would insulate them against the loss of Jason Kubel, Professional Hitter.
  • Charlie don't surf, Perkins don't close. Who will close is a matter for much debate, but the door appears to be open to Matt Capps returning. I understand he was hurt last year when he was getting brutalized, and I agree that closer isn't close to the top priority for this team, but still. There's got to be another way.
  • The Twins did offer arbitration to JKPH and Michael Cuddyer on Thanksgiving Eve. Formalities.
  • The Royals saved the Twins from themselves by re-signing Bruce Chen, per Jon Heyman.
And...that's about it? Did I miss something? If so, yell at me and I'll write something about it.