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San Francisco Giants: "We Got Him!" Boof Bonser Returns to Bay Area

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RHP Boof Bonser has signed a minor league deal with the San Francisco Giants. Bonser was drafted by the Giants in the 1st round in 2000.

In a move the San Francisco Giants are calling "just the beginning of righting one of history's greatest wrongs," the team has re-acquired pitcher Boof Bonser.

"We're just thrilled," said Giants GM Brian Sabean. "Getting Boof back in the fold is the start of what we think will be a very exciting time for the franchise and our fans. As exciting as our 2010 World Series title run was, I think 'getting the band back together,' so to speak, will be the true high point for our club."

Sabean is referring to the much-derided 2003 trade that sent Bonser, Joe Nathan and Francisco Liriano to the Minnesota Twins for catcher/annoyance A.J. Pierzynski and cash. Pierzynski would be released after one year with the Giants, while the three players the Twins acquired helped them to a sustained run of playoff appearances.

"First of all, everyone forgets we got cash as part of the deal," said a defensive Sabean. "They're all, like, 'Hey, Brian, nice job...not!' and I'm, like, do you know how much it costs to keep that goddamn Coke bottle sign lit at the park? Those bulbs are [expletive] expensive, and you need cash to pay for them. So, you're welcome for the pleasing aesthetics, jerks!"

The Giants longtime GM acknowledged that the trade was still lopsided in terms of talent, which is why they made the move to bring Bonser back, and why they may not be done.

"I know Joe Nathan just signed a deal with Texas, but their bullpen is loaded," said Sabean. "If they have to move him to pick up a bat for that lineup, they have my number. As for Liriano, dude is trade deadline gold. And with Terry Ryan back in charge up there, I figure there's no way I'll make the same mistake twice. I figure Lincecum, Posey if he gets healthy and maybe a high-A prospect should be enough to shake him loose. Now who's the dummy who traded those three guys for nothing? They're all San Francisco Giants now, aren't they?"