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Twins Winter Meetings Evening Update: Cuddyer, Jackson, Street and PTBNL

No huge news this afternoon, just a few updates from earlier news throughout the day:

  • LaVelle has looked at the other potential destinations, and thinks Cuddyer will end up staying with the Twins. He also notes that the Twins offer was 3 years around $24M, a tad less than reported this afternoon by Jon Heyman. Finally, LaVelle reports that the Twins have been in contact with Scott Boras, the agent for Edwin Jackson (among many others). I suspect Boras will be successful in getting someone to overpay for Jackson, and I hope it's not the Twins.
  • Fox Sports' Jon Morosi reports that the Rockies are still talking to the Orioles about a trade for Huston Street. The Twins were connected to Street earlier this morning, and while I don't think he makes a lot of sense (especially giving up a good prospect to get him), Street really doesn't make any sense for a team like Baltimore, who have so many holes to fill. Troy Renck (Denver Post) has heard that Street-Baltimore talks have "no traction", so who knows.
  • Seth Stohs believes the PTBNL in the Kevin Slowey is probably a Rule V candidate from the Rockies' minor league system, and both teams are waiting to see how the draft works out. I agree, this is the most likely case. But as some have commented here during the afternoon, there's a possibility that Seth Smith is the PTBNL. The only way I imagine this could be the case is if the Twins didn't want a trade for Smith to potentially get in the way of reaching an agreement with Cuddyer or Jason Kubel.

If anything else happens during the evening, we'll keep you posted.