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Winter Meetings Evening Update: Cuddyer and Silence for Twins

Today's been an odd day, in that there's been a lot of expectation surrounded by a flurry of activity. Neither of the high-expectation pieces have signed today (yet): Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson are still unsigned. Although in Wilson's case, Mark Buehrle may have set the market for the best of this year's free agent starter crop by signing a four-year, $58 million dollar deal with the money-drunk Marlins. Here's what's happening relative to the Twins.

Michael Cuddyer

Once the Rockies shipped Huston Street and most of his contract to the Padres today, they became attached to Cuddyer for the first time in a while. Initial reports had Colorado focusing on starting pitching with the new payfoll flexibility, but it didn't take long for Cuddy's name to surface.

Minnesota is still the favorite, with their three-year, $24 (or $25) million offer still on the table. Ryan and the Twins continue to wait, and while Cuddyer's decision is delayed due to the birth of his twins, the sooner a choice is made the better. At least, for the team.

Jason Kubel

Kubel has until 11pm central time to accept or decline arbitration. If the Twins actually don't have room for both him and Cuddyer under their payroll, what happens if he accepts and Minnesota still doesn't have their answer from Cuddles? I asked the same question yesterday evening, but with the deadline looming it seems even more pertinent today.

Pitching Market

While Buehrle brought down the big cash today, Erik Bedard caught a one-year deal with the Pirates for $4.5 million. Octavio Dotel is making a decision between the Tigers and Cardinals. Takashi Saito has a number of suitors. There are a lot of very good options available on the bullpen market for the Twins to pick from, and one intelligent move for the rotation solves that problem.

Slowey to the Rockies. Street to the Padres. Those are decent deals for the team in receipt. The right deal is out there, a good deal - the Twins just need to find it.

Other Deals Are On the Table

"Some of them have signed, some of them are still out, some of them have gone by the wayside," Ryan said.

This should come as much of a surprise, as this team has already had interest in a number of players: Buehrle, Capuano, Harang, Zumaya, Guillen. It isn't a shock to know they have offers out there that the media hasn't gotten their hands on. Yet.

Rule 5 Draft

Jonathan Mayo has a nice primer for the Rule 5 that I recommend reading. It doesn't happen often, but every once in a blue moon somebody finds a gem. Will this be a year that Minnesota finds a diamond in the rough?