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Winter Meetings Morning Update, Day 4: Cuddyer, Kubel Decline Arbitration

Update, 9:10 am - Multiple reports have Albert Pujols signing with the Angels for ten years and $250 million. Yikes.

As we head into the final day of the Winter Meetings, there's not too much to keep close tabs on. At least, not as Twins fans. Many teams have swung deals and made moves to improve their 2012 team, and while Minnesota has made a couple of smaller moves they haven't felt forced into action. It's a long winter, and not everything needs to be handled at this week's meetings.

Let's get you set up for what is essentially a half day.

Rule 5 Draft

There are three reads I'd advise you to take a look at which will give you pretty much everything you really need to know about today's draft. First, the same as last night, is Jonathan Mayo's preview. After that, head on over to SB Nation's Pirates site Bucs Dugout for an even more in-depth look at who's available. Finally, LEN III has info on Cesar Cabral. Who, you ask? Read on. We'll have something later today on who the Twins select.

Jason Kubel & Michael Cuddyer

Both players declined arbitration last night, which isn't much of a surprise. Kubel is a free agent for the first time, won't break anyone's bank, and is a sure shot for at least a two-year deal somewhere. Cuddyer, meanwhile, will sign for three years of at least $8 million per at some juncture. Potentially with the Twins, potentially today.

That's all for now. We'll see you later this morning after the Rule 5 draft.