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Twins & Cuddyer Rumor: Four Years or More Money?

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For the last few days, Michael Cuddyer has been handling a pair of newborns and considering returning to the organization he's played for his entire career. Over the last few days, the baseball world has been aware of the Twins' three-year, $24/$25 million dollar offer.

Now, according to Lindsay Guentzel, Cuddyer is hoping for a bit more.


This is interesting. I'm a big fan of believing in a player's value, and not going to great measures to stretch that value in order to retain them. So, what's the biggest factor here, if this is true? Is the $2 million the break point, or is it the extra year?

Even more pressing: is that $2 million over the life of the contract, or $2 million per season? An extra $2 million over the life of the contract isn't much of a difference. But $6 million is, and that extra year definitely is.

If this is even true...what do you say, Twins fans?