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Vote: Field of Dreams vs The Sandlot

Welcome to the semi-finals! Over the last few months we've held vote after vote in an effort to determine which baseball movie truly is the best of all time. And following what can only be described as cold-blooded murder, we now have our four semi-final contenders: Field of Dreams from the New Classics division, The Sandlot from the Kids Division, A League of Their Own from Drama, and Major League from Comedy. Full bracketology will be after the jump, but I now present you with one of the most intriguing matchups we've had.

Field of Dreams (1989, 3 Oscar nominations) - Kevin Costner's first appearance in the tournament (and final remaining Costner nominee) is this classic, wherein a novice farmer hears voices ("If you build it, he will come"), goes against all advice and builds a baseball field behind his house. He chases down Darth Vader James Earl Jones, Moonlight foregoes youth to step off the field and save Costner's daughter because he's a doctor but he's dead which is great because it makes sense, and of course the great revelation at the end is that one of the ghost players on the field is Costner's old man. Great message about hopes and overcoming regrets...if you want to look deeper than time travel, ghosts and JEJ's voice.

The Sandlot (1993) - Set as a flashback to the 60's, Scotty Smalls moves to LA and wants to learn how to play baseball. Benny Rodriguez, the best damn player in the neighborhood, shows him the ropes and suddenly we're off and running with adventures of friends with mishaps and comedic adventuers a-plenty, including kissing the cute lifeguard while pretending to down and losing his step dad's baseball (that was signed by Babe Ruth) to the viscious dog known only as "The Beast". There are so many amazing quotes from this movie. I'll remember it fffooooorrrreeeeevvvveeerrrrrr...

Eliminated in the first round:

For Love of the Game
The Natural
Angels in the Outfield
Little Big League
The Fan
61 *
Mr. 3000

Eliminated in the quarter finals:

Bull Durham
Bad News Bears
Eight Men Out
Mr. Baseball

Bracket for Semi-Finals:

Field of Dreams vs The Sandlot

A League of Their Own vs Major League