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Twins, Delmon Young Avoid Arbitration

Update 7:50am - According to LEN III, the Twins and Delmon Young indeed have agreed to a one-year contract for 2011, worth $5.375 million. That comes in a little over $100,000 below the halfway mark mentioned below.


Take this with a grain of salt until it's verified by the team, but according to the Facebook profile of one Delmon Young, it certainly appears the Twins and the left fielder have worked out their differences and will avoid arbitration. Minnesota hasn't gone to arbitration since Kyle Lohse back in 2006.

Seth Stohs has already pointed the Facebook mention out on what can only be described as a very pretty blog. He notes that...

Young had asked for $6.25 million, and the Twins countered with an offer of $4.65 million. The midpoint is $5.45 million.

In most circumstances the team and the player seem to find a happy middle ground somewhere, and if it is indeed true that the Twins and Young have come to an agreement for 2011, then no doubt his salary will be somewhere in the $5.5 million range. We'll of course update you if with details when they come in.

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