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Saturday Morning Breakfast & Baseball: Francisco Liriano, Joe Mauer, Blogs and an Interview

Baseball is back! Here are a few links for your Saturday morning, with spring training games just a few measley days away...

  • Stu mentioned this yesterday, but Francisco Liriano is experiencing some shoulder soreness. It's nothing to be worried about, at least not yet, as it seems this is the kind of thing that's almost expected. At any rate, add Liriano to the list of pitcher that need to take things a little slowly.
  • LEN III mentioned via Twitter yesterday that Liriano "said he doesn't think there was much talk about a long-term deal during the offseason". That's not much of a surprise, but on the plus side, for the Liriano fans out there, he also said he'd be happy to stay with the Twins his entire career.
  • In that same link, Joe Mauer and the coaching/training staff (and the rest of the Minnesota front office and all of Twins Territory around the glove) will be watching his left knee to make sure he's a Go by Opening Day. It's quite likely that Mauer's playing time will be quite limited over the first two or three weeks, with his innings behind the plate and plate appearances getting ramped up the closer we get to April 1. At any rate, we'll have plenty of chances to see Drew Butera and the rest of the catching depth chart.
  • Not that we'll be keeping constant track of this until it's reporting day for position players, but Jason Kubel, Luke Hughes and Rene Tosoni have already checked in. Nice to see Hughes and Tosoni in early in particular, as their depth at Rochester will be important.
  • Nick Nelson looks at the backup plan for a Twins team without Justin Morneau, which is of course Michael Cuddyer. In turn, Nick believes this opens the door for Ben Revere. Hard to disagree.
  • In his role with TwinsCentric, Parker Hageman asks if Tsuyoshi Nishioka could be the next Ichiro Suzuki. The answer is obviously no, at least in terms of similar approaches at the plate. Parker includes a look at the swings of both Nishioka and Ichiro, describing both approaches. Great read.
  • I'll be having our traditional spring Q&A with Twins Assistant General Manager Rob Antony coming up very soon. Stay tuned for that in the next few days.

Happy Saturday, people!