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Spring Training Is Here! Red Sox vs Twins

First Pitch: 6:05pm CT
TV: Nope
Radio: Twins Radio Network

These spring training game threads won't be anything special, but we still want there to be a place for all of us to chill and talk about baseball...DURING A BASEBALL GAME.

Suffice it to say there isn't a whole lot riding on this game, or any of these early games, and the most intriguing aspect of it won't necessarily be how our everyday guys perform (aside from Nishioka, of course, because he'll be fun to hear about), it will be how all of those other guys perform. These early games, when the starters are getting just a few reps before taking a seat again, are when the Luke Hugheses and Anthony Slamas and Brian Dinkelmans of the world will have their real chances to impress.

Twins lineup: Span (CF), Nishioka (2B), Kubel (RF), Thome (DH), Valencia (3B), Parmelee (1B), Repko (LF), Casilla (SS), Butera (C). Pavstache gets the start.

Baseball is back!!