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Vote: Major League vs Mr. Baseball


After a KO of Eight Men Out by garnering 63% of the vote, A League of Their Own moves onto the semi-finals where it will take on the winner of this round. A round which might turn out to be one of the biggest blowouts of the competition.

Major League (1989) - When the new owner of the Cleveland Indians decides she can make tons of money by selling off the franchise, she loads the team up with youngers and has-beens, in the hope of driving fans away a giving her the excuse she needs to make the sale. Things look bleak early, but the team and a grizzled manager come together to face their common enemy. Wild Thing gets glasses, Willy Mays Hayes steals like 70 bases in the last month of the season (seriously, how many gloves does he get there during the montage?), the veteran who wants to become an interior designer starts diving for balls, voodoo finally works and Tom Berenger proves once and for all that if you stalk a girl long enough she'll love you.

Mr. Baseball (1992) - The old "fish out of water" plotline sees Tom Selleck and his mustache traded to the Japanese baseball league...where, naturally, he's super tall and has trouble adjusting to society. Customs be damned, baseball is all about 'Merkuh! Selleck (possibly because of his mustache) falls in love with a beautiful local, and his attitudes begin to change. Eventually he (but not his mustache, which begins a torrid affair with Magnum PI) sees the light, and all is right in the world baseball. And mustache love.

Eliminated in the first round:

For Love of the Game
The Natural
Angels in the Outfield
Little Big League
The Fan
61 *
Mr. 3000

Bracket for Round 2:

New Classics Division

Field of Dreams
Bull Durham

Kids Division

Bad News Bears
The Sandlot


A League of Their Own
Eight Men Out


Major League
Mr. Baseball