Tsuyoshi Nisioka KARE 11 Profile pt. 1 ROUND-UP


So--the first part of the profile was a little disappointing to me, because it was actually just a 5 minute or so segment on the evening news (which I hadn't realized). But here are some of the interesting points: - Nishioka's greatest concern is the language barrier - KARE 11 reporters gave a coffee table book on the Twins to his parents - Nishioka's parents and teachers are extremely proud of him--although they also expected this all along. - Nishioka: "I respect my parents so much, I can't be a better person than them until they die." (not surprising from an Asian--their culture is extremely familial) - Now that he is coming to the US, Nishioka says "I can see my own country in a different view" - Nishi lives in Toyko, but trains in Osaka (where his high school is, across the bay). - KARE 11 Brought him a big cake with Twins logo on it. He drank champagne with the KARE 11 reporter. - Nishi likes hip hop, R&B, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. - Nishi has NO Baseball superstitions - Nishi feels very grateful and lucky to be one of the few Japanese stars to transition to MLB. UPDATE: Forgot to mention, Nishi wants to get a house in Minneapolis by the lake.