Tsuyoshi Nisioka KARE 11 Profile pt. 2 ROUND-UP


So, last time we learned Nishioka is a Lady Gaga fan, and some other things. What do we know about Nishi after part 2 of KARE 11's profile? - Opens with old man singing Tsuuyoshi’s 2010 hitting song (sung by all fans while Nishioka was hitting; look it up on YouTube). - Admired Derek Jeter growing up - Likens himself to Babe Ruth (facetiously) - Media darling in his home Japan - It become apparent once visiting him training in Osaka, Nishi isn’t the complacent type. He works tirelessly. - "I will make an exciting play, but I will make an exciting error too. So don’t miss it." - Doesn’t worry about other Japanese players in MLB; wants to play his own baseball. - Would like to be able to communicate with Gardy as much as possible. Taking English lessons. - Nishioka was able to hum the tune to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" - Nishi is reportedly very happy and comfortable in Florida now. - Japan is very proud of Nishioka and glad he is coming to MLB to try and prove his worth.