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Justin Morneau Taking Another Step Forward

Earlier this morning, Joe Christensen reported on an email exchange he had with Justin Morneau. It's still too early to determine when he'll be ready to take the field, but apparently his concussion recovery is coming along and he has been able to resume certain baseball-related activities. Specifically, Christensen says Morneau began to swing his bat early last week, and the title of his article mentions that Justin has begun fielding drills.

As we're all only too aware after months of speculation and a lack of any real solid news, this is a massively positive step. We can only hope that his workouts, which have been "without limitations" since the start of the New Year, continue to go well and that setbacks are few and far between.

Christensen finishes with this:

"I am starting to feel more confident during my workouts, as I am not going through a mental checklist of how a certain exercise feels while I am doing it, every time I try something," he said. "I am happy with the progress recently, and it has been a long winter for me, but I am excited to hopefully be back on the field with my teammates soon."

I'll paraphrase a quote from Apollo 13: there are a thousand things that need to go right, and we're on number six. But at least we're on number six, which means we can now start looking forward to number seven, and we're that much closer to having Morneau back in the lineup.

Cautious optimism.